To keep your nails looking fabulous once you have left the salon, it is important to follow the aftercare advice below! Please ask your tech if you have any questions

Use cuticle oil every morning & night. This will not only condition your cuticles but will nourish the matrix allowing your natural nails to produce stronger, more flexible and non-flaking natural nails, prolonging the life of your gel manicure.
Be careful when using sun cream and lotions, insect repellent (deet) and chlorine. Always wash your hands after use.
Be careful using make-up, hair dye, self-tan products and when eating/handling strong foods such as curry & spices as they will stain your nails. Ensure you use gloves and wash hands after application.
Use protective gloves for housework, gardening, DIY etc as household chemicals will damage your manicure and dry out your nails.
Moisturise your hands after washing them, this will allow the skin to stay smooth and youthful.
NEVER use your nails as tools, treat them carefully. Take care when opening can ring pulls or car doors etc.
Do not pick your manicure, this will remove the upper layers of your natural nails causing lots of damage. Please contact us for repairs and proper removal. Repairs are free of charge within 2 days of application.
If your acrylic/gel enhancements are lifting please do NOT glue them down. This can trap bacteria between your natural nail and the enhancement and can lead to infection.
We recommend keeping up regular maintenance every 3 weeks to keep your nails in the best condition.
Avoid intense heat or direct sunlight.